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Gianna Michaels & Mz. Berlin RETIRE!!!

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  • Gianna Michaels & Mz. Berlin RETIRE!!!

    Gianna Michaels and Mz. Berlin retire fromporn.

    Posted on Daphne Rosen twitter page:
    BAD NEWS: I hinted b4, I talked to Gianna today and she has, in fact, retired As did Mz. Berlin as well. Pornstars R leaving da biz daily.

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    Good riddance, Gianna was beginning to look like a pale creepy meth head. Aside from her great natural tits she was way overrated anyway, only one anal performance in her career, cmon now.


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      That is a real shame, I could see Gianna retiring, but Mz. Berlin is a surprise, After she just did Bitchcraft 7, in either case I'm sorry to hear that.


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        Hold it! I'm not convinced that Gianna is retired yet!

        We only got Daphine Rosen as just one source and nobody else is not saying anything. Can anybody find other sources elsewhere about Gianna?


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          Gianna still is here

          Gianna Michaels NOT RETIRING

          From her twitter: NOT RETAIRING!!!!! Just to put that out there incase u have been misinformed!!!!!


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            Whew, good news there, but what about Mz. Berlin???


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              Mz. Berlin's Blog states that she has retired from porn but not fetish and bondage stuff.


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                Mz. Berlin's blog mentioned the word "Monogamous", which can mean only one thing...She's in a relationship with a guy with wont be sharing her orifices with the rest of us perverts...So for as along as that lasts the only thing she'll be getting penetrated by on camera are phallic pieces of vinyl and plastic...

                But seeing as how she was only in porn for about 5 minutes its not that big a loss...



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